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Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Oct 13, 16

The announcement about a different donation site and bitcoin is false. Nez's account was compromised and the link to that other shop is not ours. It was up for only 2 days so i hope nobody donated there as that shop is not ours. The shop link was changed to the correct one. Remember our store link is: if you see any other link anywhere that is NOT ours!

Please be careful and make sure that the shop you are donating to is ours.

Palmenikoo Update log, any news?
DefaultAlexSkin Yo guys see you soon! : )

Update Log #3

Pr0Acid OPOne and Only posted Oct 5, 16

Update Log #3

It has been 102 years since the last Log Update.....

Me and Perry have 2 kids and have a strong relationship.


End of log.


Sorry for the long pause guys. Am back and working on the servers again. 

Some of the new plugins were giving me issues. I think i will open the server with Legacy Skywars, which is the old skywars plugin and New Skywars which has the new skywars with teams and cool features. Then slowly add more servers so you guys wont have to wait for too long.

Things that are done:

- Teamspeak.

- Legacy Skywars

- New Skywars

- PvP Wars

- Donor Ranks

- Donor rank conversion.

Things still working on:

- Forum Reset / Partial. 

- Factions.

- Skyblock

- Elo PvP

- Bug Testing

- Making sure donors have all their perks.

- A page with all the donor ranks and their perks.

- Full integreation of BuyCraft.

I think that's about it.

Thanks for being so patient <3 You Guys Are Da BEST! 

Oilooc Already selling some ranks again? Pr0 getting ambitious! Guess this means the server's gonna come up real soon
mxq Can't wait till the opening of Craft Realms again! Can't wait for PvpWars
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